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Springfield, Missouri

Children's Workshop Series: The Nutcrackerback to events

Nov-12, 03:30 PM to Nov-12, 05:00 PM

Each of Springfield Ballet’s workshops engages young participants (age 3–8) in an afternoon of fun and culture which includes a craft, story time, dancing, and games. They are great introductions to the art of ballet and serve well to enrich the lives of young students, both dancers and non-dancers.

Children should wear comfortable attire (stretch/sweat pants and t-shirt or leotard and tights), bare feet or dance shoes. They will make a craft that coordinates with the ballet, and they will be read a synopsis of the ballet. They will also dance some of the male and female roles to the original compositions, as well as play games and have fun! Join us at 4:40 pm, at the end of the workshop, to see your dancer perform what they learned!

Enrollment is limited. Call 417-862-1343 or stop by our offices to sign up!